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hi, how are you doing? how are you doing? great, where did you go? >> i lost my house. a missing 11-year-old boy is reunited with his family tonight. why police managed to track him down. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it appears to be a case of miscommunication. a young boy who was reported missing is now back home in daly city. and it turns out he didn't even
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know he was missing. amber lee tells us how police found this little boy. >> reporter: police tell us they used every resource available to find this little 11-year-old boy. he was found near palocita school at 11:00 p.m.. we went to the home of the boy. while we were speaking to the family, police called to tell us that the boy had been found and that they were trying to locate the father. when we told police we were with the family they asked us to let us know he was safe. >> police just found him. >> really. >> they just found him and they are going to call you any minute now. >> hello. >> mr. ren handed the phone to his stepson when detectives
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called because he doesn't speak english. >> hi, hi. okay where? >> reporter: in mandarin, the father thanks police. the boy's stepbrother says he is relieved. >> very happy right now. >> we caught up with father and son after they were reunited with each other. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> where did you go? >> to my friend's house. >> reporter: ren told us that he went to a different friend's home. and that he didn't want to call his father because he did not think police would let him stay. >> what did you say when you saw police? >> surprised. >> reporter: what did you say to your father? >> sorry. >> reporter: ren's father says he's very grateful that he got his son back and helped everyone for helping find ren. . ren said he will never let
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this happen again. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news on ktvu's investigation of spending in the port department. omar benjamin resigns this after he says he is not able to confirm questionable expenses. our investigation uncovers benjamin had been present at the strip club and that the court redacted his name from the receipt. in the letter benjamin says, please note i accept
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responsibility for my actions. the accident happened around 9:45 tonight near nacasia boulevard. witnesses tell officers the truck was weaving shortly before it hit a guardrail and went into the water. rescuers from the marin county rescue team pulled the man from the water but efforts to re resuscitate him failed. the coroner is not releasing his name until his family is notified. oakland police are trying to sort out a shooting that wounded two people late today. it happened around 4:30 this afternoon at bancroft. the occupants were apparently inside the car and drove to the scene. later we spotted the car at 81st and international. both victims were transported to the hospital. one victim is now hospitalized
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in critical condition. relatives identified the camp pendelton marine as corporal alan devillena. officers say they opened fire when the marine drove toward one officer with another officer dangling from the window. the family said he had just returned to afghanistan and was said to leave the marine corp. in just two months. at 10:30, honoring america's veterans and those who died serving our country. one blue star mom's hope for everyone this year. the bakers union is on strike tonight at hostess brand bakeries across the country. as jana katsuyama reports the company that makes everything from twinkees to sour dough bread is in danger now of folding. >> reporter: workers chanted on the picket line near a line of delivery trucks idle and empty. >> we're taking the sacrifices for the mistakes of the ceos. >> reporter: most of the
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plant's 70 workers are joining a nationwide strike. 6,500 members of the bakers union walked out. hostess bound which makes twinkies, hoho bread filed for bankruptcy. and a court deal is not so sweet. it involved 80% pay cut, no over time or holiday pay. >> at least half of these people were supposed to retire this year and last year and they weren't able to retire because of the stop in the pension. >> i have three kids, i have two kids and one girl. i have two in college right now. >> reporter: today hostess closed plants due to the strike and a spokesman says the company could fold. >> if the strike continues along the same lines. we will be facing the liquidation of the entire company within a matter of days
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not weeks. >> reporter: hostess may be suffering due to the change of times. >> i've had a twikies but i don't eat them very much. >> reporter: why is that? >> because they have a lot of corn syrup in them. what may be motivating both sides to reach an agreement sooner rather than later. governor jerry brown says he plans to attend a cal board meeting tomorrow in person. cal u says they are planning to raise fees for students who have to take a class over. the governor is a board member but typically says a proxy. his office says he wants to go in person to discuss the state
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of education following the passage of proposition 30. the governor also plans to attend a uc board meeting at uc san francisco on friday. a crash on i4 sent one person to the hospital and snarled traffic. near g street in antioch. this is video of the back up. the highway patrol says the driver of a w crashed into a big rig and the car slipped beneath the truck's trailer. the driver of the bmw got out before the fire started and reportedly suffered only minor injuries. now to oakland where a truck and car collided head on sending a driver of that car to the hospital. it happened at 3:45 on oak port street and interstate 880. police say firefighters had to extricate the man from his car. he is in critical condition at this hour. the truck driver was not hurt. two weeks after superstorm sandy the governor of new york is now poised to ask the
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federal government for $30 billion in federal disaster aid. governor andrew cuomo says the money is needed to repair the region's transportation infrastructure, and reimburse government for overtime paid to police and other emergency personnel. and estimated 100,000 homes are still without power. the governor says federal aid could also help upgrade the power grid and he is promising a thorough review of why the power company's response to the energy seemed so slow. >> they will be held accountable for past performance and then we also have to get smart about this and we have to make sure we're prepared for when this happens again. because i believe this will happen again. >> president obama is scheduled to tour the new york city area on thursday and will be briefed on the rebuilding effort. volunteers in contra costa county went to work tonight preparing some much needed supplies to send the people back east who are in those
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storm damaged areas. heather holmes is live where boxes of donated goods will soon be shipped out. >> reporter: frank for more than five hours tonight this baseball shed was bustling an assembly line of volunteers hoping to solve the big problem thousands of miles away. take a look this is the result. 97 boxes of everything from sleeping bags to two way radios sealed and ready to go. >> this is great. fantastic. >> reporter: from gold weather clothes,. >> we have some diapers and wipes. >> to baby items. >> reporter: to other essential supplies. the donations just kept coming. >> nice, nice that's great. >> reporter: and nunan was just surprised that they kept
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coming. >> seeing all that stuff as an adult where i spent a lot of my time as a child i had to be involved. >> reporter: so he rallied the local baseball community and turned the equipment shed to a donation drop off site. >> watch out this is heavy. >> towels. >> a lot of jackets. >> reporter: volunteers spent the evening sorting, boxing. >> we were just playing video games and thought better help the people out. >> reporter: mom kathy pierce says it makes her sad to think about all those still struggling after the devastated storm. >> every day we're lucky to have a home, electricity and plumbing and i just hope that they can rebuild quickly. >> reporter: frank, goonan has been working with the catholic church in staten island, and a homeowner heading up recovery
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efforts in new jersey to help distribute all of these supplies not bad for a few hours. reporting live, i'm heather holmes, ktvu news in pleasant hill. people are lining up at video game stores for the release of a highly anticipated new game. this is a live look at gamers waiting in line for call of duty black opsii. there's even a band entertaining the fans out there. we talked to fans waiting in line. >> it's fun, general yeah. >> reporter: the latest version of black ops is said to be the best seller. one survey of video game fans found one in four is expected to call in sick tomorrow in order to play the game.
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clear in cool in addition to bringing some showers. >> a legal thug of war. >> none of my staff know when we come to work in the morning whether we're going home at night or we're going hole to prison. >> governor brown's
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thanksgiving is next week and that means black friday. the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.
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but matt keller joins us live from san jose. tells us some stores are now trying to turn thanksgiving day into what you might call black friday. >> reporter: we just learned today that target will be starting its black friday deals on friday night as more and more retailers are trying to get your shopping dollars even earlier this year. >> reporter: it's already looking a lot like christmas in santana row even though thanksgiving does not get here until next week. >> i'm going to get up at 2:00 in the morning. i'll be standing in line just because. i'm going to be looking for clothes and stuff like that at the mall. >> reporter: midnight, going shopping. buying the best deal that i can. >> reporter: but midnight might be too late for the best deals at some of the biggest retails. target announced today it is opening up at 9:00. toys r' us and sears will be
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opening at 9:00 p.m. toys r' us are also doing something different by staggering its saleless. the -- sales. and some businesses are going to match prices. now customers must pay sales tax. but it might not be enough to change shopping habits. >> some studies have estimated that even without the sales tax advantage on average amazon prices on comparable items can be 15 to 20% lower. >> reporter: not everyone is happy about black friday shopping moving into thanksgiving. a target employee has started an online petition asking the retailer to say no to the thanksgiving creep. so far about 170,000 people have signed it. reporting live in san jose, matt keller ktvu channel 2 news. union city police are
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investigating the discovery of an unconscious man in a garbage pin who died moments later. the woman taking out her trash discovered the body inside of her recycling bin and called 911. police identified the man as joshua perez of union city who stayed at that home from time to time. they said there was no obvious sign of trauma. >> it was a prank of some sort or whether the person injured was some where else and placed in the can we don't know yet. obviously it's an unusual situation so we're treating it as it was a serious crime. >> reporter: perez' family is devastated. they say he was a kindhearted person who loved everybody. an autopsy will likely be performed tomorrow to try to determine his cause of death. menlo park police say they have arrested four people and at least two are known gang members. the arrest came after reports of gunfire before dawn on mad
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era street. neighbors pointed out the house involved to ktvu. police said they seized two assault rifles, a semi automatic handgun and marijuana. and neighbors say they are uneasy. >> it's very, very quiet. i don't understand how the violence is coming over here and i mean, it just i think it needs to stop. >> reporter: 10 days ago police say four people were injured in another shooting involving that same gang. less than a week after voters in two states legalized the recreational use of marijuana california's governor is weighing in. activists are now waiting to see how the government will react. >> reporter: the tiny displays of inventory, the modern look of the lobby. it's a modern dispensary with a relaxed feel but its owner says it's been a terrifying year. >> none of my staff knows when they come to work in the
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morning whether we're going home at night or going to jail. >> reporter: now governor brown has weighed in. >> i would say this, it's time for the justice department to recognize the sovereignty of the states. >> reporter: go to brown's comments come on the heels of governors of washington state and colorado legalizing marijuana for recreational news in defiance of federal law. >> president obama received 50,000 less votes in colorado than amendment 64 which legalized marijuana and that should send a message that this is a mainstream issue and they need to get on board with the will of voters. >> reporter: aaron smith with the cannabis industry association says all medical marijuana cases should be frozen and he hopes that legislation freezes cane. >> if they hope about their political future they will back off. >> i just hope that the medical cannabis collectives in california can hang on until
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that happens. >> reporter: but that could be a long way. as for the federal government stands, the justice department only says it is reviewing what voters decided on election day. in oakland, ken pritchett, ktvu news. greens are 50s, yellows are 70s so you get the picture. temperatures are starting to warm. temperatures continue to warm into the next 24 hours. so when i come back 10:45 we're going to talk about the door opening up. we have some rain in the future. i'll have all the details in that we'll see you back here in just a few minutes. the world series champions san francisco giants are
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winners again. president and ceo larry baird was given an award by the university of san francisco. california prize for service and common good was given to the team's work. baird brought along the world series trophy and willie mays was there.
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fbi agents tonight went to the north carolina home of the former mistress of now resigned cia director david petraeus. about 10 agents carried containers into the home in
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charlotte. paula broadwell lives there with her husband and son. as craig brozwell reports, one question that they have is murders in benghazi. >> this was totally unexpected. >> reporter: petraeus had been scheduled to testify on thursday on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> governor petraeus will have an insight on this and he has the right to share it with americans. >> reporter: many are wondering why the respected general briefed lawmakers about the attack early on saying it was a
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spontaneous uprising about an islam film. listen to this portion of a speech by broadwell. >> the cia had actually had taken a couple of libyan malitia members prisoner and they think the attack was to get these prisoners back. >> reporter: any suggestions is still in the detention business is uninformed and baseless. there are four hearings on benghazi this week. the acting fbi director will testify on thursday in place of petraeus. an online petition that calls for the state of texas to succeed from the nation has gotten so many signature that is the white house may have to respond to the petition. so far more than 34,000 people have signed it.
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in the past the obama administration has said it would respond to any petition against 25,000 signatures or more. so far no comment from the white house. mitt romney's facebook page is losing a lot of its likes. romney's facebook page was losing 593 likes an hour and as of this morning, his page was losing more than 600 likes per hour. still romney is not exactly hurting for social media followers at last check his facebook page had over 12 million likes. >> there's still enough to time to have a successful holiday feeling. they walked off the job more than a week ago. the one thing now providing hope for a resolution. but up first, a
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almost veterans and people currently in the armed forces were honored today in a homeless shelter in fairfield, mission solano currently shelters 50 veterans in a program hoping to help them transition back into society. today state and local city law offices kept their doors closed in honor of veteran's day. jade hernandez spoke to a blue star mom who wants to remember veterans day is more than just a holiday. >> reporter: today pat soler came here from sfo as a military blue star mom she attended numerous events over the weekend in washington, d.c. for veteran's day. this holiday she says she means something to everyone.
12:00 am
>> my hope is they don't think about the local sales at the malls. >> reporter: her son first lieutenant kyle soler is serving his fourth tour of duty in afghanistan. she showed us this letter she received from him recently thanking her for all she does here to support the troops. >> we haven't had thanksgiving, christmas or new years for years. >> reporter: but parents of which she unexpectedly met this weekend. >> excuse me, was your son in west point? and he said yes he was. >> not all families are as fortunate as pat. in downtown walnut creek flags and flowers like these two memorials for vets who lost their lives in iraq and afghanistan. their families pay their respects today the only way they could. >> less than three miles away these men paid their own respects here in lafayette. >> i don't think you comprehend until you come and you know
12:01 am
stand here a while and you reflect on the amount of people that are not coming back. >> reporter: reflection appreciated by every veteran who served. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. today was opening day for a new san francisco housing development designed specifically with veterans in mind. sword supplies share partnered with the development center to create 75 single occupancy units. the project includes a ground floor medical care clinic and room for chairs to maneuver freely. norman yee is leading in the latest count. only 89 were tallied today. so far officials have gone through six rounds of rank choice voting.
12:02 am
district seven encompasses the southwest part of san francisco. two other races are too close to call but the registrar says it could be nearly completed tomorrow. another deals with development in west berkeley and a third is the alameda county measure that would raise transportation sales tax. the united parcels service charitable arm confirmed it is no longer making donations to the boy scouts of america siting the scout's anti gay policy. the move comes after a boycott of ups was set up for their donations to the boy scouts. download the ktvu appings click the live i con and you can watch all of our news live. it is the second night of
12:03 am
negotiations for striking raley's at knob hill workers. rob roth tells us how the upcoming holidays are increasing pressure. >> reporter: grocery workers now in their second week on the picket line asked customers today not to shop here at nob hill foods and raley's. >> i will not cross it. >> others did. >> we wanted to go some where else but it's out of the way. >> reporter: raley's says it's customer numbers are normal. several safeway workers say they've seen former customers here since the strike began perhaps as many as 20% more and at the near by trader joes. >> definitely more crowded. the aisles are a little more filled. like i said all the check outs were open.
12:04 am
>> reporter: raley's and the union began their talks yesterday. >> if raley's wants to sell turkeys for thanksgiving they need to come to the table. >> reporter: the union may want to settle soon so its workers aren't without paychecks before the holidays. this store clerk has been with the company for six years. >> christmas presents and all of that. i mean it puts pressure on us but i feel like we have a pretty strong picket line. >> reporter: wage fees and benefit cuts are at the heart of dispute. as long as the two sides are talking that's good news by itself. in walnut creek, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the dow and the nasdaq were both down by fractions. since the federal government was closed for veteran's day observances there was little news about potential crisis. a new report says the united states will become the world's leading oil producer by
12:05 am
about 2717 surpassing even saudi arabia -- 2017 surpassing even saudi arabia. the main reason is the resurgence of oil production and the improvement of energy sufficiency. motor trend magazine named the tesla model s the car of the year. and there was no competition, the tesla model was a unanimous choice. today marks the 76th anniversary of the bay bridge. there was no parade or party but there is some significant progress to report on the new eastern span. caltrans says it is celebrating the near completion of what it calls the load transfer. moving 45,000-tons of steel and concrete from the temporary support structure on to the tower and cables of the new bridge. the new span is still on schedule to open by the end of
12:06 am
next year. the grand opening of the new double slide bypass tunnels are now on hold until early next year. caltrans needs more time testing things like the ventilation and security cameras. after that is done, road construction needs to be finished. two people killed dozens of homes damaged. the investigation into a powerful explosion that leveled part of a midwestern neighborhood. >> and back here in just a few minutes i have the latest computer modelit shows the warm up but it also shows rain and showers #úfó
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52-year-old kevin clash says he did have a relationship with the accuser who is now 24 but clash says the relationship was between consenting adults. clash took a leave of absence from the show yesterday after officials at sesame workshop learned that tmz was going to run an article of the allegation. investigators are now looking into a natural gas leak as a possible cause for that deadly explosion at indianapolis on saturday. two people were killed, 29 homes are now uninhabitable. one woman told the associated press that his daughter and ex- wife had complained about furnace problems. the two women were out of town at the time of the explosion. investigators want to know if anyone was using the home while they were gone.
12:10 am
the verdict in a san francisco verdict trial is scheduled to be read tomorrow. fredrick doser is charged with 26 felonies and faces a life prison sentence if convicted on all counts. prosecutors presented dna evidence and a taped confession during the trial. jurors reached a verdict late friday but it has been on hold until after the three day weekend. the san mateo district attorney is expected to determine whether to file charges against a man accused of killing a san francisco activist. the judge says police ignored elarms request for an attorney the day he reportedly confessed to killing david lewis in a parking garage at the hillsdale mall. in news of the world tonight in the middle east,
12:11 am
israeli tanks fired into. israeli military officials said the tanks scored a direct hit on a mobile artillery launcher which was the source of the syrian fire. in london, lawmakers accused officials of starbucks, google and amazon of not paying british taxes. the lawmakers said they could not believe starbucks lost money for 14 out of 15 years. starbucks, google and amazon all denied wrong doing. one uk official said he wasn't accusing them of doing anything illegal. instead the official called it immoral. a cargo ship came to the rescue of two injured sailors. their 30-foot yacht was overtamen by waves. they now say they're going to try their hand at farming. los angeles armstrong is cutting ties to live strong
12:12 am
which he founded. the disgraced cyclist stepped down to the board of directors and had already resigned as chairman. the charity has been able to thrive despite the doping charges against armstrong. the charity says donations are up in recent months? as new development tonight in the case of a silican valley high tech pioneer who was wanted for murder. also the much needed also the much needed repairs to coit towers [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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tonight the excentric john mcafee told that he had nothing to do with the death of his neighbor in belize. police call mcafee a person of interest in the killing of a 52-
12:15 am
year-old builder from florida. he was found shot to death yesterday. last week that building had filed a complaint claiming that mcafee had fired off guns. mcafee tonight says he is in hiding and will not talk to police in belize willingly because he says he's afraid they will kill him. ktvu's noelle walker takes us on a historic tour to places not seen by the public in more than 50 years. coit tower is iconic san francisco. it's a look out where tourists look out ward but few take the time to look inward. >> it's a little like getting part of my father back.
12:16 am
>> reporter: lilly is granddaughter of coit who donated to build the tower. >> so here i am at age 11. >> reporter: ruth gottstein's father was one of coit tower principal tower. he painted himself in the library and importallized his daughter. >> do you see yourself in there? >> yeah. >> reporter: so we're heading to the second floor an area that has not been open to the public for two decades. the murals were painted of the depression which explains why no one smiles in them.
12:17 am
a piece shows a person carrying the paper of the day. the name of that paper today painted over. the california highway patrol is sounding a wake up call to drowsy drivers this week with a new campaign. >> a drowsy driver is going to show the same signs as a dui driver an impaired driver. you're going to see erratic speeds or driving within the lanes. >> officers say drivers need to pull off the freeway if they need a nap so they don't fall asleep at the wheel and crash. >> researchers at the university of michigan shows license trends over a period of 15 years they found in 1995 there were about 2 million more licensed men than women. by 2010 the roles were reversed. the trend is likely to impact the auto industry as women tend
12:18 am
to buy smaller and safer cars. calfire called an end to the fire season for many areas today. with that statement many fire stations will go into -- not a big deal because they're north of here. that's cape mendecino, eureka. just a couple of showers showing up in the state. we're north of south of that but we will begin to see showers show up as we head into thursday night and friday and later on. that's live storm tracker showing nothing. but come friday morning it won't be. friday morning that will be spinning and you will see green. especially on that morning commute. in the meantime partly cloudy out there tonight. temperatures not as cold as they have been because you have some real little cold overnight
12:19 am
lows. freezing and below freezing, frost in some places. it's a warmer day so instead of low 60s, we have mid-50s, upper 60s, maybe some low 70s. the extended forecast has rain. you see everything streaming off the pacific things are changing really rapidly. it is that time of year we look at the calendar we're not that far from thanksgiving. pacifica has something to offer. and it's going to open that door for friday into the weekend and beyond. here's how it shakes out now. you see the showers north and not a big deal but that indicates they're close. the overnight lows as i mentioned not as cold as they had been. cool mornings the next couple of days. next time highs the next couple of days nice. that gets you through wednesday. by wednesday night, thursday this low pressure center starts to swing in. that begins the first roundover showers late thursday night
12:20 am
into friday. that's the way it looks right now. that will change. looks like we're dry until thursday night. tuesday afternoon you get into the low 70s. the clouds start to thicken up and offshore what do you see in showers so things start to change around. so what did i just say. next couple of days just like these temperatures or a little warmer. then temperatures begin to cool, clouds come in. and we have some showers in the forecast then check out this five day. we have showers showing up on friday morning. then again on saturday. then when you kick the weekend into view you see sunday has some more showers in there. as you go into next week we have a few more model runs to suggest something into thanksgiving and maybe some significant stuff too. jackets, umbrellas and it's winter, here we go. skiers can hit the slopes a
12:21 am
little early this year. in fact, starting this wednesday heavenly ski resort. there's plenty of snow. this is you tube video released today by heavenly. the resort says there are more than 20 acres of skiable terrain with more chair lifts and runs to be added this weekend. squaw valley is also opening up this week six weeks earlier with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup
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the golden state warriors kicked off their 15 warriors. five families received a shopping bag at lucky's. they plan to hold other give aways. and boy cabernick, he looked great in the second half. >> yeah. a week from now the 49ers will be in the monday spotlight.
12:25 am
leaving jim harbaugh with a lengthy to do list. right at the top of it figure out who will be quarterbacking. after alex smith went out with a concussion he won't play for at least a week or so. the outside of course collin kapernick the young quarterback conducted himself very well. coach harbaugh with a critique of his young quarterback's performance. >> i hear a lot of positives coming into that situation which is a situation he's never come into in an nfl game. bend come in and be asked to move the team, score points, and contribute to winning the game. that was a new experience for him. i thought he handled himself very well. >> open season on quarterbacks in the nfl this weekend alex smith, michael vick, jay cutler
12:26 am
and tonight roethlisberger went down. not with a concussion like the other players. a big 94 lawrence tillman rumbles back with it to the chief's five from there a little chip shot field goal and after that the victory for the steelers: i know you're ready for college hoop and stanford's home opener. they had trouble pulling away. they were tied at 21 at intermission. aaron bright slicing to get it off class two of his 16, jason randall led the cardinals with 24 but assisting here to josh houstis. and stanford pulls away easily winning in the second half.
12:27 am
81-68. no return to glory for phil jackson with the lakers. always wanted to play for dantoni. he gets his wish. sunglasses in order for baseball's two rookie of the year awards. both with very bright futures. brice harper, mike trout and the youngest ever to receive the honor, trout who may just win the mvp award too turned 21 early in august. his stats .323, and cespedes a distant second. the rookie of the year hands down washington's bryce harper he just turned 20. so at the age of 19 he is .270, with 23 homers, most homers by a teenager since tony
12:28 am
canigliero way back when. >> they're babies. >> waiting for thursday, giant fans that's when buster posey should win the mvp award. >> thanks mark. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2
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